Knowledge transfer or knowledge in action: an unavoidable challenge

By: Agustin Ciapponi

Knowledge transfer (KT) is defined by the set of activities aimed at the dissemination of knowledge, experiences and skills in order to facilitate the application and use of knowledge. Unlike the simple transmission of knowledge, which is only directed toward disclosure or teaching, the transfer aims to incorporate knowledge into a value chain.

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HPV vaccination in the world and in Colombia. Why so difficult?

By: Carlos Jose Castro E.

“Recovering confidence in the safety and efficacy of the HPV vaccine is of paramount importance to prevent and eliminate cervical cancer that kills almost 300.000 women yearly around the world. It’s a moral obligation to promote HPV vaccination. It will prevent thousands of premature deaths worldwide.”

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Patient involvement in HTA process: an international perspective

By: Jaime Hernán Rodríguez Moreno

“New forms of government no longer depend only on citizens exercising their political rights freely, but also for them to be actively involved in the different fields and stages of public affairs”

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Clinical practice guidelines. A tool to improve clinical practice and the efficiency of the health system

By: Angela Perez

Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) are recommendations or statements developed systematically based on the scientific evidence available, clinical experience and the perspective of patients, with the aim of guiding health professionals in decision-making in circumstances specific clinics. Do you want to know more?

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