Real World Studies

Can help you identify and build value arguments with local or regional data for the payer or other decision makers

Literature reviews

A good quality review will allow you to have, and in many cases to publish, a global and complete vision of the literature available on the topic.

Economic studies

Which intervention or which medication is more cost-effective? Can the system afford to pay for it? At what price should it be sold? Without a doubt, pharmacoeconomic studies are the best tool to guide decision making in health

Burden of disease studies

They help identify needs and opportunities for the development and implementation of health-related programs as well as for the inclusion of new technologies

Format completion for inclusion in the Colombian benefit Plan

For the inclusion of new technologies, the Ministry of Health requires certain specific methods established by IETS in 2018. A strict series of steps must be followed that usually include a systematic review, a meta-analysis, an economic evaluation and a budget impact analysis.

Our team has important experience in the completion of these formats, and several of our analyzed products have been considered by regulatory entities

Evidence-based Recommendations

The continuous development of technologies around health, and the growing amount of publications in scientific literature make integrative research a very useful tool for clinical practice. In this case, evidence-based recommendations allows us to address research questions, to gather information from other studies, and to use standardized methodologies.

On the other hand, variability in the clinical practice depends on many factors such as the variability in clinical and therapeutic decisions by medical staff, availability of resources in the health sector, and the system´s own characteristics.

Thus, the two main reasons for developing evidence-based recommendations are:

They allow the clinician a solid guideline for decision-making in health care in specific clinical scenarios, adapted to the local contexts, and including the best evidence to guide their own clinical experience.
They allow health providers and insurers the possibility of guiding their policies and behaviors based on the best possible scientific arguments.

Online Solutions

We develop tools for gathering and analyzing data for an adequate management of the information and timely decision making, with intuitive and interface friendly results, for our clients

Completion of Invima formats

Adoption and update of evidence-based CPG: