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7 keys to carry out a good budget impact analysis


By: Fabian Hernandez
Pharmaceutical chemist
Researcher in Health Economics

The information obtained from a budget impact analysis is essential for a decision maker. However, the quality of the information provided by this type of study depends on the methodological rigor with which this study was carried out.


Although there are clear methodological recommendations regarding the analytical framework and model design, here are some important considerations in evaluating a budget impact analysis.


1. When designing a budget impact analysis model, attention must be paid to the characteristics of the local environment, which will differentiate it from models proposed elsewhere.


2. It is not advisable to use a model designed for another health system, without prior adaptation to your own context.


3. The use of costs of procedures and medicines from other countries is not considered a good practice.


4. The values o inputs contained in a budget impact analysis are those that will determine the result of the analysis, therefore the procedure for collecting this information must be duly documented in the analysis report.


5. The Institute for Health Technology Assessment (IETS) recommends consulting clinical practice guidelines and government databases (SISPRO, RIPS, among others) for the extraction of data related to epidemiology and treatment of the health condition of interest.


6. Likewise, it recommends consulting sources such as SISMED and the ISSS rate manual for estimating costs of drugs and procedures. These considerations are designed so that the model is the closest to the Colombian reality.


7. Finally, it is crucial that the opinion of experts in the treatment of the health condition of interest be an integral part in the creation of the model, in order for it to reflect real Colombian clinical practice.


If you want to delve into the subject, we recommend reading the methodological manual for preparing budget impact analysis published by the IETS.

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