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How to do environmental modeling to improve the acceptance of a new product in the country


By: Camilo Castañeda
MD, Neurologist
Project director

Suppose you have a new product, with excellent effectiveness and safety. And suppose your task is to launch it in the country. Now, if the ground is not prepared, its acceptance may not be the best.
How to have a good acceptance and the best market conditions for your new product?

Step 1. Do a literature review

Hopefully it will be systematic and with an emphasis on national or regional data. This will allow you to have an overview of the disease, soak up the subject, know the state of the art in treatment, and contribute knowledge to the scientific community.


Publish it, this will give visibility to your organization


Step 2. Get to know the local epidemiology with the help of the official government bases

Colombia is one of the few countries in Latin America that has centralized databases, especially the RIPS, with data that has been improving every time in quality. Extracting the results on the local epidemiology of the disease can help you contextualize, compare and analyze Colombian patient data with international data.


Step 3. Determine the costs of the disease and / or the cost-effectiveness of your product

Determine the costs of the disease in the country. I wish I could determine the direct and indirect costs, this would give the system a much more real vision of what the disease represents to the country. This can be done in various ways, from forming panels of experts and financing base cases, to having medical records reviewed in various IPSs and doing micro-costing there.


You can go a step further and do a cost-effectiveness study, with that at once you can know how much more the additional benefit that your product offers costs. Be careful, it may also be that you discover that this extra cost for the additional benefit is very high.


Step 4. Conduct a Burden of Disease Study

Burden of disease studies make it possible to determine the years lost due to disability and premature mortality attributed to the disease. With these data, it is possible to know, objectively, how much disability the disease generates in our population.


Step 5. Do a good analysis and take advantage of all the information

At this point, you have already collected all the available evidence with the review of the literature. Learn about the epidemiology of the disease with local data obtained from the RIPS and / or Sivigila. Additionally, you have a fairly accurate idea of how much it costs the payer, the system, or society, a Colombian with the disease, and if it is worth paying for the extra benefit that your product offers. To complete the formula, know how much disability and premature mortality it produces. Has it all!


Taking into account the data of effectiveness, safety and route of administration of your product, now you can discuss, with solid data, with doctors, IPS, EPS, Ministry of Health and patients the impact of the disease in the country, what is being done doing, what are the results obtained, what could be done and the results that can be achieved with your new product.


That is to nest your product in the niche that corresponds to it. Environmental modeling sounds better right?

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