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How to do a multi-criteria analysis in five easy steps


By: Camilo Castañeda
MD, Neurologist
Project director

Multicriteria analysis is a tool that allows the decision maker to follow a comprehensive methodology in the process of technology inclusion. It is a broad discussion process that simultaneously takes into account multiple factors such as clinical benefit, level of innovation, quality of clinical evidence, profitability, price and budgetary impact, as well as the value judgment given by all potentially people. involved in new technology. 

PHASE I Determine the objectives

The first thing is to establish the objectives of the analysis. In this example, it is intended to develop a multicriteria analysis for a third party payer (as it could be an EPS), with the following objectives:


1. Make a comprehensive decision based on value judgments and other relevant criteria within the health system.


2. Involve the main representatives of the health system in the construction of the tool.


3. Design a tool that adapts to any health technology.


PHASE II Construction of criteria


-Identification of criteria in light of the evidence and published literature


-Organization in categories; such as quality of evidence, impact of the disease, characteristics of the intervention and economic aspects


-Carrying out a panel with representative members of the different levels of the health system (patient societies, scientific societies, associations of health service providers, administrators of the insurance company).


-Establishment of round tables and plenary tables where the different criteria are proposed and their relevance is reviewed.


-Construction of a ranking with the criteria from a qualitative analysis to organize them in a hierarchical way


-Definitive list of criteria


PHASE III Operationalization of criteria


-For each criterion, and with the help of the panel, operational definitions must be generated that allow them to be measured.


-A numerical rating system must also be designed, the construction of which will be part of the preparation of the exercise, for which the opinion of experts will also be counted on. For this, the published evidence on the subject of each criterion will be used.


PHASE IV Estimation of weights

There are different ways to do it, however the simplest way is the PAPRIKA method, it works through the software 1000minds, and is used to calculate points of value or weight of the different criteria within the ranking, prioritizing among them.


PHASE V Model creation in Excel

Once the criteria have been created, approved and socialized, and the weights have been estimated, the model can be created in a tool such as Excel. There the selected criteria and their categorization are integrated. In this way, a tool that can be used with the different options of health technologies would be obtained.

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genetic analysis
3 years ago

Informative article, exactly what I was looking for.

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