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Make your own budget impact, instantly, in real time and for free- Here we give you the tool


By: Fabian Hernández
Pharmaceutical chemist
Researcher in Health Economics

The need for clear information on the economic impact of the introduction of new health technologies has made budget impact analysis a key tool widely used by health system actors.

For all actors in the health system, the impact on the budget is relevant, from the government, providers and insurers, who must protect their budgets and

ability to pay, even manufacturers and technology distributors, who must calculate the budget impact that their product will cause and design the best access strategies; in such a way that patients can benefit from the best technologies, without affecting the sustainability of the system.

Depending on the needs of the actor within the system, a budget impact analysis can be a relatively complex model or a simpler exercise that shows us viability and trend.

For this, we have designed IPx, a free tool that allows real-time calculations on the impact on the budget that the introduction of a new technology in the system could have

We give you 4 reasons to use it

  1. It considers the main variables of a budget impact study
  2. You can get results instantly and in real time
  3. You can download the graphics to your computer and use them freely
  4. It's free

To access the tool, click on the following link:



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