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The most read of 2020 from the NeuroEconomix blog


Camilo Castañeda MD
Project director

This 2020, like every year, our blog has been very active, we have published 21 blogs, 7 infographics and 3 podcasts. Today we want to thank all of our loyal readers for their visits, comments and reactions to our publications.
In this post, we will share our 5 blogs, 3 infographics and the most read, listened to and preferred podcasts by our followers.
We hope you enjoy them.

  • The 5 most read blogs of 2020

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1. Keys to understanding cost-effectiveness analyzes and other types of economic evaluations - By Laura van der Werf - Read it HERE 

2. Update of the PBS Health Benefits Plan for 2020, what changed? - By Laura van der Werf - Read it HERE

3. What is a literature review? Systematic review, exploratory review, narrative review, are they the same? - By Laura van der Werf and Laura Prieto - Read it HERE

4. Ceilings in the health system - By Francisco García - Read it HERE

5. Do we prioritize health or the economy? a false dilemma because both are interdependent - By Francisco García - Read it HERE


  • The 3 most viewed infographics of 2020


infg1. How do joint venture agreements work? - By Laura van der Werf - See it HERE

2. What are the Comprehensive Health Care Routes (RIAS)?By Laura van der Werf and Laura Prieto - See it HERE

3. What are rare diseases and what is the route of care for these patients? - By Laura van der Werf - Go to the HERE


  • The most listened to podcast of 2020podcasticono

1. Economic impact of Covid19-
By Diego Rosselli - Listen to it HERE


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