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Camilo Castañeda MD
Project director

During this year 2021, our blog has been in constant growth, we have published 10 blogs and 10 infographics. Today we want to thank all of our loyal readers for their visits, comments and reactions to our publications.
In this post we will share our 5 blogs and 3 infographics most read and preferred by our followers.
We hope you enjoy them.

The 5 most read blogs of 2021


1. The importance of the price elasticity of demand in the health sector- By Oscar Rodríguez- Read it HERE blog

2. Update of the Health Benefits Plan for 2021, what changed? - By Ornella Moreno– Read it HERE 

3. Financing high-cost drugs in Colombia- By Ornella Moreno– Read it HERE

4. Is it feasible to tax the provision of health services with VAT? - By Francisco García– Read it HERE

5. Financially, how did the EPS of the contributory regime fare in the year of the pandemic? - By Francisco García– Read it HERE


The 3 most viewed infographics of 2021


1. Vaccines against COVID-19 Everything you need to know- By Rodrigo DeAntonio - See it HEREinfographic

2. A new face: the MAITÉ model- By Adriana Arango and Claudia Hernández - See it HERE

3. Which intervention to choose? An Approach to Economic Evaluations- By Lina Gómez and Claudia Hernández– Véala HERE





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