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The first 3 steps to designing a winning access strategy


1. Understand the health system.

You will never improve your access strategy if you are not familiar with the health system.


From the type of coverage, regimes, forms of financing, pricing policy, through payers, to forms of cost containment. Dive into the healthcare system and find out where your product fits.


2. Know the payer.

Have you already done a detailed X-ray of the entities that pay the bills? You must know the environment of the payer, their needs but above all you must know what their value mobiles. I mean, you have to know what move or determine the decisions of the payer in question. Your decision criteria are based on efficacy and safety results, or cost-effectiveness of your greatest concern.  The payer is only looking at profitability, or is more interested in optimizing patient outcomes in a sustainable way.


3. Communication of the value proposition.

If you have a great product, at a good price, but cannot convey its value, you have nothing. The value must be materialized in a product that is the best option, in the right patient, at the right time and at the right price. The joke is to convert the evidence from its clinical and economic studies and the strategy from global, into a dossier that answers these three requirements.


Don't miss out on the next 3 steps, coming soon.


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