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About us

Who is it are?

We are an interdisciplinary team made up of neurologists, doctors and economists. We develop valuable inputs for the different actors of the health system. We combine tools such as clinical epidemiology, evidence-based medicine, pharmacoeconomics, and research in Real World Evidence.

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Benefits of working with NeuroEconomix

1. You will have a continuous and rigorous accompaniment throughout the process of each project

2. Our company has scope to carry out projects in almost all of Latin America

3. The design of your works will be totally adjusted to your needs

4. Given our quality, you will have high impact jobs

5. We turn technical results into valuable market access inputs

6. Your team will have a real and adequate understanding of the results obtained in the work, and will know how to transmit the key messages

7. We design the best information visualization and analysis tools

8. We have extensive experience in the publication of scientific articles

Meet our managers 

Camilo Castañeda<br/> MD. Esp

Camilo Castañeda
MD. Esp

Project director


Diego Rosselli<br/> MD. MSc. EdM

Diego Rosselli
MD. MSc. EdM

Managing Director


Pieralessandro <br/>Lasalvia MD.

Lasalvia MD.

Technical director


Expert Panel

javier ricardo garzon
Javier Ricardo Garzón MD Esp.
daniel fernandez
Daniel Fernández Ávila MD Msc Ph.D. (c)
enrrique reyes
Jheremy Reyes Castellanos MD Esp.
maria f delgado
Maria Fernanda Delgado Morales MD
Ophthalmologist, Esp. In Glaucoma
andres garzon
Andrés Garzón Forero MD Esp.
foto camilo gonzalez 2
Camilo Alberto González MD Esp
What do we do?

We specialize in conducting and publishing literature reviews in indexed journals, adaptation and updating of economic models, completion of forms for inclusion in the benefit plan, economic evaluations, budget impact studies and burden of the disease, on issues such as cancer (skin, colon, breast and multiple myeloma), cerebrovascular disease, acute myocardial infarction, dyslipidemias, epilepsy, deep vein thrombosis and thromboembolic disease, rheumatoid arthritis and spodyloarthropathies, chronic kidney disease, multiple sclerosis, pneumococcal infection, clinical nutrition, diabetes mellitus, COPD, schizophrenia and suicide among others

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