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Why do budget impact analysis?


By: Fabian Hernandez
Pharmaceutical chemist
Researcher in Health Economics

Budget impact analyzes estimate the possible impact of a change or inclusion of technologies in the decision maker's budget in the short and medium term. Likewise, it helps you predict the influence of changes in certain factors such as the prevalence or incidence of the disease, the number of patients treated, the cost of technologies or procedures, and diagnosis and treatment schemes on the total cost of a problem. of health.


Unlike other economic evaluations, a budget impact analysis evaluate a scenario and not an actiontherefore, it becomes a powerful tool to deal with the uncertainty inherent in the healthcare market and healthcare.


Thus, conducting a budget impact analysis represents an advantage for both decision makers and technology creators. Why?


Being studies carried out with the same rigor as any research in basic sciences, budget impact analyzes constitute:


1. a strong sales pitch to convince payers of the benefits of acquiring a new technology.


2. Being eminently economic studies, the figures and values that can be extracted from these are certainly more valuable to decision makers than those obtained from any other epidemiological study.


3. As they are studies that model different scenarios, payers can compare the effect that making two or more decisions has on the health budget.


If you want to delve into the subject, we recommend consulting the following publication.


Sullivan, SD, et al. Budget impact analysis — principles of good practice: report of the ISPOR 2012 Budget Impact Analysis Good Practice II Task Force. Value in health. 2014; 17 (1): 5–14

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