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Price regulation: Tool proposed by the health system to control spending


By: Diana González-Bravo
MD, Epidemiologist
MBE researcher

Circular 03 of 2017 incorporates some medicines into the direct control regime, in which the maximum sale price is set. The technical supports used to calculate the maximum sale prices indicated in this circular are published and available on the website of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection

SISMED and CNPMDM: Regulatory mechanisms


SISMED is a support and support tool integration that serves the regulatory policy and drug price control. This system controls the increase in prices in the marketing chain in Colombia, with the aim of regulating the drug market, and presenting the prices of these in public consultation.


Another tool, the National Commission for the Prices of Medicines and Medical Devices (CNPMDM) was created from the signing of Decree 705 of 2016 and has the power to regulate and to set prices for direct control of drugs or devices that may affect the General System of Social Security in Health.


Why is it regulated?


In Circular 03 of 2017, the Commission considered it necessary to maintain regulated markets with high concentration, for 3 reasons:


  1. Markets with high concentration are those with limited competition, in which it is desirable to regulate drug prices.
  2. There is a dispersion (extreme values) in the prices of medicines in unregulated markets.
  3. It has been seen that drugs with final sale prices close to the manufacturing price are a consequence of the regulation process, therefore this is an incentive for the health system to continue with these regulatory processes.


Until when are the 2017 prices valid?


As of March 1, 2018, the prices established in Circular 03 of 2017 apply.


Consult the national information on drug prices through the public SISMED that is available on the page:




For more information about Circular 03 of 2017 click HERE


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